You are Your Own Brand – Do Quality Work or Don’t Do it at All

In these days when the economy is bad and jobs are few and far between, I think it is always wise to remember the words taught to me by a great and extremely wealthy old friend;

“Remember, sometimes the jobs you reject are just as important as the jobs you accept.”

These are wise words.

You are your own brand. You are the custodian of your work quality. Don’t let that quality drop.

Whether you are working at a great enterprise, a new start-up, your magnum opus, or even at the counter of a fast food restaurant, always strive to do the best and highest quality work you can.

Never let a moment go to waste; strive for perfection.

As an aside, some might laugh and wonder how can one do perfection when working at a fast food restaurant? That’s easy. Here’s the words of Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame;

“If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.”

Even at the slow times at the fast food counter, when others are standing around waiting, you should be using that time to set yourself apart from the rest: You should be cleaning. You should be looking for “what needs to be done” and do it before being told to do so. That’s how to get promotions.

When it comes to your work quality, only you can decide what you can and cannot do. You are responsible for your results.

Before accepting any job, you must decide:

1) Will you make the effort? Will you dedicate to being the best?

2) Are your co-workers and the company good enough? (You know the old saying, “It’s hard to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys.”)

3) Are you being given the proper tools and budget to get the job done and get it done right?

These are critical questions. If you answered “No!” to any of the above, you shouldn’t take that job.

If you can’t be your best and cannot dedicate to that worthy goal, then remember,  ”Sometimes the jobs you reject are just as important as the jobs you accept.”

Never have your name associated with poor quality.

Japanese Fruits: Wild Japanese Fashions in Tokyo

I like to walk around and take photos of beautiful people. Recently, I’ve been doing that a lot to and from my way to work. I always use my iPhone as it takes great photos!

Here’s a few that I have taken in the last week or so. I hope you enjoy them.

Last of the Mohicans?

I saw this guy at Shibuya station at around 9 am and was wowed by his haircut. I wonder if he works at a bank or a credit card company? Nah! Probably not, eh? I stopped him and asked to take his photo. At first he declined, then I showed him some of the awesome photos from my last session of “Osaka Fruits! Wild Japanese Fashions!” taken in Osaka and he thought those were really cool so he said, “OK!” For the photo’s composition, I posed him for a brief second along the yellow line for the sight impaired people and standing sideways to really get the feel of a “straight up and down” world. Totally fits his awesome hairdo! (Notice that his pony tail goes down past his elbows!)

Handsome Cartoon Showa Man

I saw this guy at Futakotamagawa station and thought his fashions were so outdated that they are actually cool. He is unforgettable in his “Mr. Magoo” style clothes that looks like he stepped right out of a clothes catalogue from the Showa era – maybe 1965! He’s cool because he has his own unique style and is proud of it! Take a close look at his face and his shaved head and hat:

Isn’t he cool? He looks like a very nice guy and is proud! Wonderful!

I saw this guy with his girlfriend and she was dressed like something out of a movie! But! She wouldn’t let me take her picture (she is hiding behind the pillar). The guy was pretty cool, though and I think his style is pretty typical of what you can see anytime, anywhere in Tokyo today for the fashions of a 25 year old guy who is not a typical company employee.

I saw this girl after the Miss Bikini Universe Japan Contest Thursday 10/4/12 she was standing by the exit door. The photo is not so good because it was extremely dark where I found her (and I don’t like to use flash if I can avoid it) but I thought her makeup was quite interesting and unique so it was worth a photo. She looks totally Glam Rock… But, if you asked her, she probably doesn’t even know what Glam Rock is!

OK. This isn’t exactly a picture of a person… But it used to be. I went to this acupuncturists house the other day and he had this standing in his living room, right in front of the piano. I suppose it could make an interesting conversation piece

This is a photo of Ayumi Maeno an up-and-coming artist here in Tokyo. It was taken at her art exhibition on Saturday, September 15, 2012. Ayumi is quite photogenic and is making a sexy pose for the photo.

Finally, I saw these two at Futakotamagawa station just last week. I thought the guy’s clothes were really cool and fashionable and the girl was cute. They make a great looking couple! The guy said he makes all his own fashions and coordinates them. Wow!

Futakotamaga is the station that I usually use. The couple above and Mr. Magoo were taken at that station so it just goes to show that you don’t have to go far away to take great photos and see interesting people and things; they are all around us, in our very own neighborhoods… You just have to open your eyes and smile and say “Hi!”

Have a great weekend!

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