9/11 Ritualistic Glorification of the State

Today is September 12 in Japan. It is 9/11 for the States. This just in from my friend Steve in the USA about the glorification of the state ritual that this day has come to represent:


I made what turned out to be a very quick trip to the food store this morning. It’s a chore that I usually do on Sunday’s, but I really don’t even want to be out on 9/11 so went this morning (Saturday).

It’s too late. An orgy of nationalist displays is already everywhere.

I passed house after house with their American flags and ‘Remember 911’ signs proudly displayed. I drove past the public high school and it had a huge American flag surrounded by what must be thousands of small American flags displayed on the taxpayer paid for school grounds out front. REMEMBER 911 !!!

When I got to the food store they played nationalist songs one after the other over their public address system. God Bless America – America the Beautiful – The Star Spangled Banner – etc, etc, ad nauseam…

Thus my regular weekly visit to the food store was a very short one this week. Milk – bread – eggs and out.

I expect it’s going to be even worse tomorrow. It makes me thankful that I don’t have (or want) a TV. Just the short trip to the food store today made me ill. It was enough to turn the stomach of a goat – and they can eat anything…

Actually the whole trip was kind of bizarre. It was like traveling back in Mr. Peabody’s ‘Way-Back Machine’ to Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  It reminded me of those old news reels that you see of the endless fields of Nazi flags that were just as proudly displayed by the same cheering and state worshiping mindless masses of Germany. Their rabid patriotism (nationalism) was pretty much the same as America’s patriotism and the even worse ‘super patriotism’ today.

Completing the other half of the Nazi program – socialism – most Americans probably think that they are not socialists, but if you even suggest abolishing social security (one of the cornerstones of socialism) they will reveal their actual beliefs – even if they refuse to admit them to themselves. Ask again about Medicare and Medicaid and they will confirm their commitment to socialism.

And so history repeats itself. The new national socialists (Nazi’s) seem to be everywhere.

Instead of the anti flag burning amendment that those ‘Super Patriots’ are always whining and crying about perhaps we should pass an amendment to change the existing American flag to something that more accurately displays who we are as a people today. To this end I suggest that we simply replace the 50 white stars with 50 white swastikas. Although I agree that the very thought is disgusting, at least it would be an honest representation.

This whole nationalist – patriot – super patriot – fanatical worship of the state is beyond immature. It goes deep into an area that can only be described as ‘infantile.’

We so need Ron Paul and more like him or these new USA Nazi’s will destroy all that was once good about America.

We want our country, our freedoms, and our liberty back!

doG help us if Boobus-Americanus doesn’t awaken – and soon…

- Steve Candidus

The author, Steve Candidus, can be reached at: Comments very welcomed.

NOTE: Let me take this opportunity to endorse and come out completely in favor of candidate Ron Paul for president of the United States (which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed my writings since 2004, beginning at Lew Rockwell). I believe that Mr. Candidus is correct: the USA is doomed to failure if the current political paradigm is not changed soon. There is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in the USA today.

The last chance for the United States is Ron Paul. End the wars. End the US empire.