Global Warming and Increasing Co2 Dump Nearly 9 inches (22 cm) of Snow on Tokyo in Less Than 24 Hours!

Global Warming and Climate Change have become the critical issue of our times. The changes are coming quicker and quicker. The last 24 hours makes two weeks in a row that Tokyo has set records for snowfall in February. The government must increase our taxes so that they can fix the climate like they’ve fixed our economy.

From Tokyo Today: 3 dead, 494 injured as heavy snow hits most of Japan:

TOKYO — The heaviest snow in two decades struck Tokyo and other areas across Japan on Saturday, leaving three dead and nearly 500 others injured in 29 prefectures, reports said. More than 740 flights were grounded as the weather agency issued a severe storm warning for the capital, while more than 40,000 households lost power. As much as 22 centimeters of snow was recorded Saturday afternoon in Tokyo, topping 20 centimeters for the first time since 1994, the meteorological agency and news reports said.

Catch that first line. Let me repeat it for you:

The heaviest snow in two decades struck Tokyo and other areas across Japan…

Let me repeat if for you in bold type letters:

The heaviest snow in two decades struck Tokyo and other areas across Japan…

Well, I’m not sure about all of Tokyo and most of Japan, but I am sure that this is the most snow I have ever witnessed in the Tokyo Yokohama area in 30 years and….

00snow back 21515My back patio… I guess there’s no BBQ nor lounging around there today!

It’s the first time in 15 years of living here that there has been so much snow that I cannot open my front gate. This makes massive snow storms now two weeks running…

00snow 21515

Well, OK, I did force the front gate open and took these photos for you. This is my front patio area.

00snow front patio 021514

THis is up the street. Don’t worry lady, they aren’t coming to pick up the trash today! Not in this heavy snow, they aren’t… This makes two Saturdays in a row for that too!

snow trash 021514Don’t worry lady, no trash pick up today!

Maybe I should get my car out from under the snow…

00snow car 021514

… So that I can drive around and take photos for dear reader of the winter wonderland…

00snow street 021514

But, then again, maybe I won’t be taking the car out. Nobody else will either, even if they have snow tires… No one is going anywhere in this snow.

As everyone knows, and it goes without argument, consideration or debate that, Global Warming (now conveniently called “Climate Change”) causes the world to get warmer and colder.

Some will claim that 95% of the World’s Scientists All Agree that the world is getting warmer and it is the fault of man.

As a simpleton drunk, with extensive experience with snow and cold, I do have a problem with this. But who am I to argue with consensus? (I lived in Minnesota as a child and never remember it snowing heavily when it was warm. Funny that!)

Read here about 31,000 scientists as well as 9,029 with PhDs, who think the earth is flat here.