Marketing Japan: Japanese Porn Actress Makes $3.3 Million a Year – Top 7 Paid in the World!

Well, I don’t usually write about things like this on my blog, but when I saw this come across my desk, I just had to. This blog has to do with pornography and Japan’s porn industry. Well, not the entire industry exactly, but a particular actress.

Her stage name is Maria Takagi and she is Japan’s highest paid porn actress. In fact, she is in the Top 7 Richest Porn Stars in the World listing.

Normally, writing about this sort of thing would not interest me too much (of course, watching them is a different story!) but today’s information just blew my mind.

For so many years, I thought that the porn actresses appeared in a few movies to make a few thousand dollars cash, then disappear into oblivion. How wrong I was!

Get this: Maria Takagi makes ¥300 million yen a year. Folks, that is about $3.3 million US dollars a year!

And here all this time I thought the porn industry was a back room few thousands dollars a movie business… How wrong I was!

From the article:

Maria, aka Rika Inoue, followed the well-trodden and timeless route to Asian porn stardom: schoolgirl —> teen pop idol —> porn starlet. Today she’s reached the dizzy position of Japan’s most famous and highest paid adult star, and believe us, there’s plenty of healthy competition. Her deal with production company, Max A, is for a whopping 300 million yen, which is around $2.6 million. But just to show you that porn isn’t all smut and sleaze, especially as far as the Japanese are concerned, Maria scooped the award for ‘Best Conversation’ in 2003. Yes, that’s an official Japanese porn award. Anyway, would we take up a life of all-day sex and wild parties for $2.6 million dollars a year, you ask? Yes. Yes we would.

Uh, guys, at today’s dollar / yen rate, that’s $3.3 million US dollars a year!

From Spluch.


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