Marketing Japan: Ultraman Poster Art. Japan Kitsch From 1960′s!

OK. Sunday morning enjoyment. Ultraman. What is Ultraman? It is a kid’s monster super-hero TV show from Japan. Sure the monsters are lame-o but don’t forget that this was a show for little kids so they couldn’t be too scary.

The show’s were broadcast in the mid-1960′s and were popular hen, but nowhere near as popular as they are today. Today, Ultraman represents 1960′s Japan kitsch and pop culture. It’s not kids today who love Ultraman (today’s kids like Poke-Mon); the people who like Ultraman today are in their 40′s and older.

Anyhow, the best pat about Ultraman, I thought, was how he had to come from Outer Space to save the earth from all these silly monsters… The catch? he only had three minutes to do it everytime. Isn’t that hilarious?