Bam! Charity Show for Earthquake Victims a Success!

Last night we held a charity concert in Shibuya and it was a smash success. Thanks to all who attended, performed and contributed. I do appreciate it.

A photo of me after counting the proceeds for the Ishinomaki relief trip: ¥88,491!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am awaiting the exact totals of the donations for the Japan Red Cross but for the relief caravan to Sunnet Hagomi (facility for the disabled) in Ishinomaki. See here (sorry Japanese language only!): We were able to collect ¥88,491 to help pay for the rental of a two-ton truck and to pay for gas expenses and supplies.

Sunnet Hagomi handles support for all disabled and aged in their area and will receive our supplies and then distribute them to the needy from there. Timo Budow has arranged everything with the police for road clearance and made the arrangements with Sunnet Hagomi.

Thanks Timo!

I also want to thank Mr. DiMuzio and the great folks at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo for helping us to make our relief trip a successful endeavor.

We will be bringing these supplies to Sunnet Hagomi:

For kids:  cellophane tape, gum tape, magic markers, pens, color pencils, crayons, paper, scissors, stationery items.

For adults:  shoes , long boots, rain boots, etc.

We will also be bringing along a supply of diapers for children and adults.

I will have more information, a report and a documentary video about our trip to Ishinomaki next week.

Once again, thanks from the bottom of my heart to all who have pitched in.


Here is the information about the show last night:

George Williams, Taro Furukawa and I will be hosting a charity concert for the benefit of the people who have suffered during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami crisis. This is in cooperation with BAM! (Monday ~ Friday nights from 9 pm ~ 11 pm on 76.1 InterFM) and the good folks at InterFM along with the venue and the bands. Entrance is free and it going to be a lot of fun and we get to help out. 100% of the proceeds will go to Red Cross Japan and I hope to raise an extra ¥50,000 to help finance a DIY relief supplies mission (pay for truck rental and gasoline) to Ishinomaki on April 8, 2011.

Everyone is welcomed. The entrance is free. Donations boxes will be inside.

Today! Sunday 4/3 Doors open at 4 pm Start 5 pm @ Shibuya The Game

Shibuya The Game:

Bands Appearing:

Who The Bitch

Poni Camp


DJ: Wakaan

Entrance is free!!!! Thanks to 76.1 InterFM!