Tsunami: 80 Children Who Were Washed Away

Everyday, more and more stories of terrible suffering and deaths have come to my knowledge about the earthquake and resulting tsunami of March 11, 2011.

I am writing about these things because I feel that the people of the world need to know about the real tragedy here.

It has now been reported in Japanese media about how 80 elementary school students – who had evacuated their school to a designated evacuation area died when the tsunami suddenly came upon them and washed them away.

I won’t go into the details of this. If you want to see the original article, go here. To translate it, go to Google Translation here. There is a video of the aftermath below.

I can’t help but the cry about this. I cannot stop the images going over and over in my head of poor 5~6-year old little boys and girls (up to 12-year-olds) crying in stark fear and panic as the ocean engulfed them. They followed the directions of their teachers and stood out on open ground fearing the earthquake. Little did they know that the tsunami was coming. The waves of the tsunami, by the way, reached up to the second floor of the school building. That’s about 2.1 meters (nearly eight feet) into the air.

There was no where for them to run and no where for them to hide.

Oh, how they must have suffered and cried for their parents. What a terrible horror this must have been.

I pray to God for these children and their parents. I’m sure they are in heaven. In a place where there is no pain and they can be happy.

Aftermath at Ishinomaki Okawa Public Elementary School

My friend’s and I made a trip to Ishinomaki the other day to bring relief supplies to the handicapped and to the aged. So can see photos of the devastation here in Japan’s True Ground Zero – Not Nuclear Power Plants.

I will never forget that trip to Ishinomaki and still haven’t be able to grasp and comprehend everything I saw and the extent of the destruction and misery and pain.

I probably never will.

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