Processed Foods Cause Obesity and Cancer in Humans – Human Deaths From Cancer are on the Rise Since 1950 – Cats and Dogs Now Eat Processed Foods – Cats and Dogs Now Get Cancer….. Any Questions?

The other day a good friend told me about another acquaintance whose daughter had just passed away last Tuesday from a ten-month battle with cancer. Poor little girl. She was only eight-years-old… I have experience with dealing with childhood cancer so I can understand somewhat their suffering. May god rest her soul and comfort the parents.


This morning I went to the grocery store. I walked by the racks that have the processed poisons (er, I mean processed foods). I never buy that stuff. We picked up our veggies and fruits and then went to the check out counter. There, I noticed that, “Gee! The shelves where the processed human foods are sure do look a lot like the shelves where the processed cat and dog foods are. In fact, they look exactly alike!”

If you don’t pay attention closely, you might be eating your cat’s dinner… It might even be healthier!

The increase in cancer deaths (even with the massive decrease in smoking cigarettes) can be attributed to many things. Some things may be difficult for us to control like the air we breathe or the location of factories from our homes.

It is easy, though, to control what we put into our bodies.

Human food. We know this isn’t healthy.

It is common knowledge that processed foods cause obesity and cancer in humans (as well as many other maladies)

Seriously. It’s in a can or packaged at a factory, is there any question that it has all sorts of chemical goodies in it?

The diet of people in the west (Japan too) have continually been on a course of more convenience. This makes a situation whereby the consumption of processed foods increase as the years go by.

It isn’t a coincidence that as more and more people eat processed foods that more and more people get cancer. Recently, more and more cats and dogs are getting various sicknesses and diseases like cancer.

More and more people feed their animals processed foods that are causing these illnesses. I think there is a pretty easy to figure causative correlation going on here, don’t you think?

Question 1: Do you think the chemicals in processed foods are safe? Do you think that chemicals can cause diseases like cancer? If so, don’t you think it is a good idea to eliminate these chemicals in your diet or at least cut them down greatly wherever you can?

Question 2: Do you think you should you be feeding yourself or your child processed foods?

My son’s typical breakfast: Raw veggies and fruits: carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, cashew nuts, tomatoes, orange slices, melon slices (and two boiled broccoli). Add to this homemade raw veggie & fruit juice and 1/2 slice bread and one small sausage. Glass of bottled water. We never give him processed foods for any meal! My breakfast is all these fruits and veggies blended into juice!

Get healthy and protect your health now because the government is going bankrupt and they aren’t going to be able to pay for your medical bills one day in the very near future; whether that is Japan, the United States or any of the  European nations with their massive debts. Who is going to pay for your medical bills when the government can’t? Hint: Look in the mirror (it’s you!)

Getting rid of all the processed foods and poisons we eat and drink is not a 100% sure-fire way to prevent cancer and diseases, but it is a pretty strong shield. And, I mean, in this day and age, why not make the best effort to cut down these poisons coming into our body? In many ways, we cannot control pollutants in the environment and where we live, but we can make a better effort to protect our bodies and our children.

It’s a pretty simple equation, I think. You can do your best to eat right now or pay the price later. Your choice.

Note: My dear friend, Timo Budo wrote, Hey buddy, I read yer rant about processed franken-food. In my case you’re preachin’ to the friggin’ choir. You seen the flick “Forks Over Knives” ?” Here’s the trailer: