Japan’s Missile Defense (that doesn’t work) is Extremely Effective Against North Korean Missiles (that don’t work)… At Least on Paper!

It’s a comedy of errors! It never fails to amaze me just how incompetent the government is. What government? Oh, any government. Take your pick. Let’s pick Japan’s today.

It seems that the missile warning system that the Japanese government were bragging would alert the public about the North Korean missile launch as it happened (Japan spent hundreds of millions of dollars on when they bought the system from the United States) failed and the Japanese authorities had to rely on foreign news reports to confirm the launch.

Seriously, this comedian could probably run any department or agency in the government much better than any politician Japan has today… At least he’d be good for laughs…

Hilarious! I burst out laughing on this news…. Maybe they forgot to install the four AA batteries (not included) in the system?

Japan Today reports: Japan’s rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry

The alert system Japan promised would warn citizens of North Korea’s rocket launch had to rely on media reports because the defense ministry did not pass on the intelligence it had, an official said Friday.

(You mean this high-tech warning system needs a low-tech telephone call to work? How about two cans and a string?)

In what appeared to be a humiliating blow for the government after days of hype about the effectiveness of its warning system, security officials at the centre handling the alert were not told of the launch until 44 minutes after Tokyo had first learned of it.

Let’s vote. Which government is more humiliated and seems more incompetent by yesterday’s failed launch? Is it (pick one):

A) North Korea

B) Japan

In the meantime, the center issued a vague warning, based on international media reports of the launch, some 23 minutes after blast off and when those watching still believed the rocket was headed over Japanese territory.

(No. I believe they read my blog. I scooped the world!)

“We didn’t have the information at that time we issued the message,” a security centre official told reporters on condition of customary anonymity.

How do you say, “Doh!” in Japanese?

I don’t know why the Japanese government needs to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on these systems that don’t work for monitoring missile launchings that don’t work either…. They could just read this blog as I reported an hour ahead of time that the missile launch was a failure…

In fact, both North Korea and Japan could nod and wink and just say they’ve built the systems and pocket the money. No one would know the difference! Genius!

Japan’s missile defense that doesn’t work is extremely effective against missiles

that don’t work either… At least on paper!

You know, the Japanese government also claimed that they were prepared for the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident, yet they blew it. Now, this. I have a new motto for the Japanese government. Tell me what you think:

Japanese government motto for 2012 and beyond:

Preparedness in the face of disaster yet dropping the ball just in time.

That works for me.