Kill Your Child… Commit Suicide? It Has Happened Again….

I’ve never considered killing my child. But, I did consider committing suicide – many times. In fact, when my third daughter was stricken with cancer at the age of one and one half years old, I prayed to god to kill me and heal her.

I would have traded my life for her health in a moment.

Alas, some prayers are not answered.

There are a very many parents with handicapped or extremely ill children. I think it might be natural that these parents want to kill themselves; I can’t imagine that the thought of killing themselves never crosses their mind. Like I said, I’ve never considered killing my child, but killing myself if it could possibly make things better? Of course… In a flash.

Once again, in Japan, another parent of a handicapped darling child, innocent to the world, has killed their child and attempted suicide. The murder of the child was, unfortunately successful. The suicide attempt was a failure.

Japan Today reports in Man attempts suicide after apparently hanging disabled daughter in public restroom:

Police said Monday that a man was found bleeding from his abdomen and his daughter hanged in a public restroom in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.

According to police, the 54-year-old man, who has been named as Ikuro Kenmochi, was seriously injured and his disabled daughter, 9-year-old Saki, was dead when they were discovered in the restroom in Oba Castle Park shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday, Fuji TV reported.

Police believe Kenmochi attempted to commit suicide by cutting open his abdomen after hanging his daughter. Investigators said that Kenmochi sent an email to his wife shortly before the incident in which he told her he was worried about their daughter’s future, Fuji reported.

As always, with this sort of thing, many people have their opinions. Unfortunately, as with most things, judging from the comments section of the original article, the average opinion is benighted, to say the least.

I am greatly saddened for the child and the family. I feel for their pain and suffering. Of course, I don’t know exactly what they went through, but I know what it is like to have to face the guilt that I might be responsible for ruining someones life and the fear for that poor, innocent person’s future. I know what raising a handicapped child involves.

The comment section of this article, though, is filled with the usual noise and foolish inexperience of people who would do much better to keep their ignorant comments to themselves.

The typical response was something like this:

“Poor child. Instead of caring about her, he was only thinking about himself.”

Astounding. Yeah. For one, we don’t know what went on with this child and the handicap. But we do know that the father and the child’s mother cared for her for nearly ten years. We also do not know the condition of neither father and mother. As if those who would criticize the father would know about the guilt and suffering this man felt and the difficulty this child and the family went through over this last nearly decade.

Who can judge if this man hadn’t gone insane or was at the end of his tether?

Though there was, though, one intelligent comment… I could tell by this comment that the person who wrote it has experienced first-hand something like the tragedy of a handicapped loved one. They wrote:

“Poor child. Instead of caring about her, he was only thinking about himself.”?…

That’s a pretty bold statement from somebody who (I assume) knew neither the man or the girl in question. There’s a saying about walking a mile in someones shoes before criticising them….

Yes. Walk a mile in a man’s shoes.

Wendy Rogers at 14… Now she’s 18-years-old

We all need to consider this wise old statement (me too!) more before we criticize people…. Especially when it comes to pain and human suffering.

I’ve written about my own experiences here:

I hope that you and your loved ones never have to go through this. I pray that I don’t have to again. To tell the truth, I don’t know how I survived the first time…

At Narita Temple on 05/05/12

I’m glad I did. My daughter and I spent a wonderful day at Narita Temple a few weeks ago.

Finally, in my daily notes (Please refer to: How I Became a Kind and Patient Father and You Can Too!), here is one of the top 5 things I write everyday:

“Thank you God for all the wonderful things I have and am about to receive.”

You folks have a wonderful day. And thank God for the wonderful things you have… For many of us do not realize just how good we have it right now.