Six Rules for Effective and Smart Internet Blogging & Marketing…

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Here are the first six rules that absolutely should be followed if you wish to build up a good following for your blog or other Internet activities. Do these today (they’re easy and free) and you will be way ahead of the game immediately.

1) Think about your name and use a unique and effective name every time try not to deviate! I use Mike in Tokyo Rogers which makes me much more unique than Mike Rogers, of which there must be millions of and I know that there are a few who are famous. One is an athlete, a politician from Michigan, one is an actor, one is a musician and another is a K-1 fighter. Try to use your online name in your e-mail address to make it easier to find you. Anytime you see my name on the Internet is is Mike in Tokyo Rogers.

2) Take a real photo of yourself to use as your avatar and use the same one everywhere possible.

3) Create online bio’s using this name and avatar everywhere you frequent on the Internet: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Mixi, Pick, Linkedin, U-Stream, and on your video blogs and vlogs, etc.

4) Comment on other people’s blogs and, this way, people will begin to see your name and avatar and bio. It helps you to build a reputation and a brand and image. This is not just good business, it is smart and intelligent marketing.

5) Always add keywords to any and all blogs you write for the Internet.

6) Whenever you upload a new blog, vlog, U-Stream or Youtube, make sure that you announce it on your other Social Media Marketing tools. For example, announce new blogs at least 2 -3 times within the next 24 hours of putting them online. That way you can drive people to you.

Do these six tips religiously and you will be way ahead of 99% of the others. Now that’s smart marketing!

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