Marketing Japan: Honeymoon? Forget Hawaii! Tokyo is it!…

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

What is the perfect hotel room? For me, it has a king-sized bed, a huge bath separated from the toilet, two wash basins, a perfect view over-looking the city or a panoramic ocean view, and great service.

Now, in Japan, you can get all of that (excepting the ocean view) plus a free train set!

What more would your 6-year-old want?

No, seriously. This is not a joke. A hotel in Ikebukuro in Tokyo actually has all that and a H.O. sized train set in the room.

Can you imagine how thrilled your new girlfriend would be if you took her on her first vacation with you and you stayed in this room? Or imagine how excited your new bride would be if, instead of Hawaii, you stayed at this Otaku paradise!

The room also rents for, get this, about $265 dollars a night! And I was exaggerating about the king bed and huge bathroom. These amenities and bed are tiny! And $265!

Watch the Youtube video here (the music is so Japan!)

Forget the trains! Does the girl come with the room?

You might be thinking that these hotel people are nuts and I might agree with you, but, incredibly, the room if fully booked for the next month with a waiting list!

See original article at Japan Trends here.



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