186-Year-Old Man Found in Japan!…

Well, you couldn’t make this stuff up. The government of Japan says they have a man in Hofu (near Hiroshima) that is listed as alive and now 186 years old.

Congratulations to the man who, if he is still alive, will be the oldest person on the earth… The birthday boy was born in 1824!

The Mainichi article reads:

According to the Yamaguchi Regional Legal Affairs Bureau, among 17 cities and towns in the prefecture, there are 9,414 people over 100 listed on family registers as alive but without a resident registration showing where they live. The 186-year-old Hofu man is one of them.

Possible reasons for the discrepancies are people moving and not updating their resident registrations, or the entirety of a family perishing in World War II, according to municipal governments.

No, I think the best reason for the discrepancy is that the government is full of a bunch of incompetent idiots.

But there really is a 120-year-old man alive in Japan…

His name is Shigechiyo Izumi of Isen on Tokunoshima. Read about him here.