Japanese T-Shirts Designs That Totally Rock!

Whenever I surf the Internet I find that the over-all opinion of Japan by Westerners is that Japan is a very strange place.

Maybe. I guess so. But when you’ve been here for a long time, you get used to it and things here seem normal… That’s it! It’s you folks in the west that are all flipped out.

Take these perfectly normal T-shirts.

This one was a buzz on the weird news sites a week or two ago:

Makes sense to me.

Then there’s this one that, while innocent enough, is perverted by you western perverts:

Talking Japan? Gotta have the schoolgirls, right?

But here’s one that seems to have missed the western press and I think that this is the best T-Shirt design ever made. Trust me ladies, if you are looking for a boyfriend, try one of these..

Samurai stuff? Oh yeah, that’s old hat:

Thanks a million to I am Bored

Thanks to Ajikan