Two Facebook Accounts is Risky!

Social Media, if done correctly, can be a very time consuming thing. I have just been alerted by my friends at Ragan Communications that if you have two Facebook accounts, they will probably delete both.

My good friends at Ragan Communications sent me this important information just now:

Facebook’s terms of service make it quite clear: “You will not create more than one personal profile.”

And yet, managing separate Facebook accounts—one for personal friends and another for professional colleagues—is how plenty of communicators and other professionals have sought to keep up the barrier between those online personae…..

A number of professionals — including PR pros and marketers —

have two Facebook accounts: one for business and another for pleasure.

It helps ensure that posts intended for friends,

which might be inappropriate in a business setting, are kept separate.

Thing is you can’t have two Facebook accounts.

Says so in the social network’s terms of service.

And that affected at least one corporate communicator,

When Facebook deleted her personal and professional account,

and axed her employer’s fan page. Facebook ultimately reactivated

the fan page, albeit with some caveats. So, is managing

more than one account worth the risk?

Read the article and decide for yourself. I think it is not worth the risk, but it is up to you…

Here’s my thinking on this: Think of it this way: Being married is enough trouble as it is and commands a lots of time and effort to make it work. One husband or wife is enough trouble as it is, why in the world would anyone want two?