What We Do

Whether a new-company to Japan, or a company already in Japan, your company success can be done economically and efficiently.

Whether it is new media or antique media, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

For new companies, we can help you construct a scientific method for success and give you the inroads you need for Japan.

For established companies, we can cut your Japan advertising and PR costs by 50%~90%.

We use new ideas, inside knowledge and personal connections to give you and your company the insider track. Our personal connections and experience make a world of difference.

Universal Vision Ltd. is proud to put our skills, experience and staff up to comparison with any other company in Japan.

Contact us and let us make a presentation for you at no cost or obligation to you.

Why Universal Vision?

Why Universal Vision?

Japan is Decidedly Different

Of the companies successful in the west that have failed in the Japanese market, the list is long; Pepsi, Universal Studio Theme Park, eBay, Vodaphone, Carrefour, Burger King and many more. The most surprising thing about this list is that, even after the failures of big players with multi-million dollar budgets, the list grows longer everyday. It doesn't have to be this way. Whether yours is a company on a shoe-string budget or an established player with the credentials and budget available, we can help you and your product and services.

The companies who failed in Japan, failed because they couldn't comprehend just how different Japan is from the west. On the other hand, the companies who succeeded like; Disney, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Yahoo and Amazon, all hired Japanese companies to handle their product/service PR for the Japanese market.

See: Failed businesses in Japan: a study of how different companies have failed, and tips on how to succeed, in the Japanese market

japan is Decidedly Different

Get it Right the First Time

To succeed in Japan, of course you'll need a "Japanese version" of your product - and we can help with that - but just that won't do the trick. You'll need experienced, well-connected PR and Marketing. On top of that, because of Japan's fast-changing market and the public's short attention span, you'll only have one chance to do it right in the Japan. Your first release of your product or service is your Golden Chance in Japan. If you blow your first release in this country, your product or service will most probably not succeed here. Ever. No matter how much money you spend on PR and advertising in an attempt to recover, it will most likely be all for nothing. Many before who failed in planning on their debut in Japan, tried to recover later and failed; even ones with multi-million dollar budgets; and even after repeated attempts. By far the most glaring example of this was Pepsi Cola who floundered in Japan until signing up with Suntory in 1997.

Remember the Old Saying from Proverbs, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

The successful project will need to appoint somebody in Japan to handle PR for them in Japan. It doesn't have to be our company. Any company with the will to succeed here will need representatives in Japan to arrange meetings with major media several weeks before the Japanese release day, as pre-press release conference. If this sort of groundwork is not fully prepared we strongly suggest that you postpone the release of your product or service in Japan until you are prepared.

If your company has prepared correctly, after the press releases and press conferences, the Japanese media will study the circumstances of your product or service, as well as your company, so that they may be able to publish and provide better information for their Japanese audience. Japan has the highest literacy rate in the world and quality of information is what sets media apart. This is critical for the success of your project.

Don't Repeat Mistakes of the Past that Other Companies Made Even after years of repeating failures, to this very day, foreign companies come to Japan and repeat the mistakes Pepsi Cola and Burger King made decades ago. A recent good case in point is Linkedin; they came out with a Japanese version but no one here uses it because no one knows about it; they had no local representation. eBay is another example of a successful service which came to Japan and flopped because of not having experienced people on the ground. The chances of either of them ever recovering without a massive budget and support from a PR or advertising company here in Japan are mighty slim

An example of a successful Japan launch recently was Evernote. The PR company which handles that was able to get Evernote into Sony so that Sony scanners come pre-installed with Evernote. Another hugely successful Japan marketing / PR project was Viva Macau Airlines. This was handled by us. We increased Viva Macau's direct online sales by 400% in just six months! (From October 2009 to March 2010) We can do the same for your company at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

There are different rules and different marketing strategies for Japan and culture plays an important part. Knowing the inside workings of the Japanese mass media and advertisement world is priceless knowledge. Both my partners, Koji Kamibayashi, Tim Williams (see profile) and I have that knowledge and experience and we are confident that we can beat any company at this game. We can help you achieve what your company wants in Japan quickly and in the most cost effective way.

An Example of a Basic Plan: To coincide with your Japanese release, we'd like to propose a plan that we would like to call; "Free Publicity for Japanese version on TV Networks, Major magazines, Major newspapers, and Google Japan."

Our Action Plan would call for:
1) Setting the Key Concept for Japanese Market
2) Arranging Press Releases for TV, Internet, Papers and Magazines promoting your service/product and URL.
3) Press conference for Japanese Market
4) Making Presentations to Major Japanese Corporations to Find Your Suitable Partner for Japan.

Please contact us as we can discuss more nuts and bolts if you wish to pursue more on how you can greatly increase your chances of success in Japan simply and at the most reasonable price and most cost-effective way.

We can cut the costs.